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9 Counter-Intuitive Lessons You can Apply to Your Life

9 counter-intuitive lessons you can apply to your life

There is little in life that hurts more when you realize truths you believed to be truths turned out to be lies. This introduces chaos into the universe you’ve spent years crafting with bits and pieces. And then the house of cards come tumbling down.

The world isn’t always as we think it is. Sometimes the idea of how we want to world to be distorts how we see the world as it is. So here are 9 counter-intuitive pieces of wisdom that you can implement now. Continue Reading…

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One Deadly Mistake People Do to Inhibit Their Own Success

one deadly mistake people do to inhibit their own success

All eyes were on me and I had just realized it. The other team had made a careless pass and I was all over it. 

The synthetic leather felt tight in my hands. The clock was running, but the only thought that crossed my mind was:

“You better not fuck up.”

It was if my body was attacking me from the inside and the only the thing I had to do to stop it was to get rid of the ball. That was the magic potion, the cure to my pounding heart palpitations. 

I passed the ball. Relief.

And then shock. I had turned it over. I was young then and I learned a very important lesson that I never forgot, best summed up by Kobe Bryant:

If you’re afraid to fail, then you’re probably going to fail.
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How You Can Tap into the Powerful Force Behind Kobe’s Motivation


Back when he was in the NBA, Kobe Bryant would wake up at 6 in the morning, get to the Laker’s practice facilities and start jacking up shots. One shot,two shots, 3 shots would turn into 100 shots. And those 100 shots would turn into 1000 shots and by the time he was dripping in sweat, the rest of the team would walk in to begin their morning practice.

How did he develop his legendary work ethic? Continue Reading…

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13 Tactics to Persuade Anybody to Do What You Want

13 tactics to persuade anybody to do what you want

Imagine a world without the art of persuasion. How would we get what we want? Clubs and fists? Name-calling and hair pulling?

That is a world I would not like to live in. Persuasion and the seductive arts have allowed our civilization to grow out the neolithic ages and into the modern era. It promotes civility, communication, and above all relationships. Continue Reading…


How Meditation Develops Killer Creativity, Focus, and Productivity

how meditation develops killer productivity, focus, and creativity

Two beers, seven YouTube videos, and an 53 balls of paper lying around my wastebasket later I finally had it. The sentence that itched where I could not scratch was about to meet its sweet delightful end. We share a love hate relationship my writing and I.

Some days we would be inseparable, emotions riding high and together we would create art. On other days she wanted nothing to do with me.

There had to be a solution. Continue Reading…

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How to Innovate Your Personality to Become a More Interesting Person

how to innovate your personality to be a more interesting person

‘Be yourself’ is the most overused useless piece of advice that people keep on giving. If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting. Unless you’re attracting the people you want to attract already, ‘being yourself’ is useless. It’s like telling the guy who failed the test “you don’t need to study, you already know the answers, you just need to think harder.”

If you’re not attracting the people you want to attract, you have to innovate your personality. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your core values or be a completely different person (but you could). You just have to fine-tune your personality so you attract the flies you want to attract. Continue Reading…